Why isn't there an endpoint that can find transaction only through transaction hash?

Why isn’t there an endpoint that can find the transaction only through transaction hash?

We view the Data API as a “data extraction framework” instead of a “data indexing framework”. In our analysis, we found requiring methods like this (which we generically categorize as “Explorer Methods”) often require a more complex implementation to service and can require more storage/compute on each request. We believe methods like this should be built on top of Data API implementations as a generic service instead of embedding in an implementation itself (in a Rosetta Gateway or generic indexing package). If your implementation already can serve “Explorer-like Methods”, we consider it to be superseding the expectations of Rosetta.

On another note, we also found that just including a /transaction endpoint could break the idempotency guarantees of the Data API. In many cases, transaction parsing depends on some block context (ex: who should be paid a fee). I wrote a little about this here:

I also wrote about this very briefly on the website (links and excerpt below):

Fetching a transaction by hash is considered an Explorer Method (which is classified under the Future Work section).

Got it, thanks. :heartpulse: