What blockchains is Rosetta compatible with?


Could you tell me what blockchains Rosetta is compatible with now?

We’d like to build a token for renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets. We could use ethereum eventually, but right now its energy use makes it not the right solution.



Thanks for the message. You can see all compatible blockchains here https://community.rosetta-api.org/c/ecosystem/8

NEAR is missing there. Here is the landing page with the details on Rosetta support in NEAR protocol: https://github.com/nearprotocol/nearcore/tree/master/chain/rosetta-rpc

@frolvlad feel free to add to the ecosystem page (https://community.rosetta-api.org/c/ecosystem/8)

It will be great if the landing page has direct links to rosetta-related docs for each blockchain (not to blockchain’s main landing that usually don’t have any useful info about Rosetta)

Most of the time we don’t need links to presentation/non-dev-related landing pages, we need links to Rosetta-related documentation and/or some blog-posts describing how-to implement/use it

It became a problem because, unfortunately, “Ecosystem” category on the forum has no information about many of the blockchains listed on Rosetta’s landing.

This is great feedback. I will make sure to update the landing page with links to the rosetta implementation