Updates to Rosetta API Docs v1.4.10

Hello, community! Continuing our efforts to improve documentation and encourage participation in coding with the Rosetta API, we have added and updated documentation for version 1.4.10. Some of these updates affected the look of the navigation menu. However, section names stayed the same from the last update.

New Docs

We added a new document, titled Getting Started. This document provides steps to begin a Rosetta implementation or integration.

Updated Docs

We’ve updated the following documents in Rosetta API Documentation version 1.4.10. Updates include content and formatting changes. We also added relevant content that had previously only been found in our GitHub repositories.

Documents Removed from Version 1.4.10

The following documents were removed from version 1.4.10 because we reduced their content and moved it to the new Principles document. The full content still appears in version 1.4.9.

  • Overview
  • Universal Read and Write
  • No Gatekeepers
  • Low-Level Abstractions
  • First-Class Support for Sharded Blockchains
  • Staking and Smart Contract Support
  • JSON-Based RPC Protocol

Image Updates

Remember those hard-to-read flow diagrams in the Flow of Operations, Data API Overview, and Construction API Overview documents? They’re gone. (You’re welcome!) We’ve replaced them with graphic images that are easier for the eyes to follow.

Also, the new Getting Started document includes a Rosetta API Quick Reference Guide. This image provides a visual overview of all the Rosetta API endpoints. Finally, the updated Principles document includes an image moved from the rosetta-specifications GitHub repository. The image shows an example of how multiple Rosetta implementations could work for tracking ethereum transfers and trades.

Coming Soon: Version Update

Recently, we added support for the Pallas curve type to the rosetta-specifications and rosetta-sdk-go repositories. Our next documentation update will include adding this curve type and updating our documentation to version 1.4.12.

We’d Love Your Feedback!

We continue to update and publish these documents with you in mind. We want to empower you with knowledge, so that you can walk through the process of creating Rosetta implementations and integrations as independently as possible. Let us know what you liked and what we can improve by replying to this post below. Your comments will help us improve our documentation. Thanks!