Sample configuration for the following `Reconciliation` tests?

Can anyone tell me sample configurations for Reconciliation tests ?

Reconciliation | No balance discrepencies were found between computed and live balances | NOT TESTED |
Active Reconciliations | # of reconciliations performed after seeing an account in a block | 0 |
Inactive Reconciliations | # of reconciliation performed on randomly selected accounts | 0 |
Reconciliation Coverage | % of accounts that have been reconciled | 0.000000% |

:wave: @nguyennguyen

Reconciliation is enabled by default in the rosetta-cli. It should run as long as you don’t set reconciliation_disabled=false:

If your implementation does not support historical balance lookup (looking up the balance at any historical block), reconciliation cannot begin until the rosetta-cli reaches the tip of the node (otherwise balances are returned at heights far different than what has been recently processed).

To workaround this issue, you can start the rosetta-cli at the same time as your implementation so that the rosetta-cli can reach the node tip (while it is still catching up) and begin reconciling.