Running check:data will exit shortly

Hi, guys. Running check:data will soon exit with a log message

context canceled: cannot get network status

➜ rosetta-cli version



call the endpoint /network/status

Could you share a link to the config file you are using?

From the image you shared, it exited successfully with Tip End Condition meaning that it thought it was at tip. My guess is your tip_delay setting is not correct (note that the tip_delay is in seconds, not milliseconds):

We should probably silence this debug log (if you want to create an issue that would be great!). To clarify, this is not the reason for the exit.

the configuration file is here

What is a reasonable value for tip_delay?

I noticed this is the config file for privatenet. If this network starts at the current time, it seems very reasonable to me that you would stop pretty quickly (unless privatenet had been running for a while). You may prefer the index end condition if this is the case (so that the rosetta-cli will continue syncing when it reaches tip and will only halt when reaching a certain height…you’d need to remove the tip: true setting from your config):

The value you have is pretty reasonable (5 minutes). However, it is really a function of your block speed. If you wanted to be particularly aggressive, you could change this to 30 (it is in seconds).

It works. Thank you for replying

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