Rosetta XRP implementation

Does Coinbase use Rosetta for their XRP integration? If so, are there any plans to open source that?

:wave: @nhartner

We’ve been prioritizing the release of rosetta-ethereum over other rosetta implementations we’ve completed. We don’t have plans to open source any other implementations (besides rosetta-bitcoin and rosetta-ethereum) and we will be shifting resources to sharing more “ecosystem” tools.

If you are interested in working on an implementation (or want to reach out to Ripple Labs), I’d be happy to answer your/their questions on the community!

Hi @patrick.ogrady, I’m actually a software engineer at Ripple. Personally, I think it would be great to have a Rosetta implementation for XRP but still trying to understand the scope and feasibility of such an integration. Hence my curiosity if Coinbase already had such a thing internally (to answer the feasibility question). If you’re at liberty to share any information in that regard, publicly or privately, I’d be very interested.

:laughing: whoops! Well that certainly expedites the conversation.

If you have a “tracing” like API (that surfaces all balance changes) and an SDK that can sign transactions offline, it is usually a pretty minimal lift to implement Rosetta.

Unfortunately, we use a legacy integration in production right now (as we integrated before we released Rosetta). This integration is in a “pre-Rosetta” form and TBH would be more confusing than helpful to look at if you are looking to gauge feasibility.

Your best bet would probably be taking a look at our upcoming rosetta-ethereum implementation or any one of the other shared implementations in the Ecosystem section:

If you decide you’d like to kick the tires on something, I’d be happy to answer any questions here or over a call!