Rosetta-sdk-go@v0.8.1 and rosetta-cli@v0.10.0

Hey Team,

TL;DR: Rosetta CLI v0.10.0 and Rosetta SDK v0.8.1 are released :rocket:

:rocket: What released?

  • New error handling mechanism: Optimize golang error chain so that all downstream services and asset issuer can get more accurate error messages and information for troubleshooting
  • Badger DB in-memory mode support: Providing at least 25% performance improvement on Rosetta Validation - Block Processing Time (Block/Second): Dogecoin from 2.4 to 3.0, Harmony from 3.2 to 4.8
  • Pruning separation for block pruning and account balance pruning: Providing more flexibility for users and improve performance for the blockchains (e.g. ICON) that persistent account (e.g. fee treasury) exists in every block

:arrow_right: What’s next?

  • You can run curl -sSfL | sh -s to download Rosetta CLI v0.10.0 for testing your Rosetta implementation
  • You can import []( v0.8.1 in your Rosetta implementation
  • memory_limit_disabled field in config.json is depreciated, if you decide to leverage Badger DB in-memory mode, please either set l0_in_memory_enabled = true or all_in_memory_enabled = true (cost more memory with better performance)
  • pruning_disabled field in config.json is depreciated, you can set pruning_block_disabled and pruning_balance_disabled instead