Rosetta Javascript SDK

I am happy to announce that we at DigiByte have ported the official Go SDK to Javascript.
Please take a look at the current implementation:

The repository url will soon change to as soon as our peer review is finished.

It took weeks to properly port and add automated testing. Hence, there still might be some critical bugs which is why I added the tag experimental to the release.

However, our current node implementation is already using the Javascript SDK and it is working incredibly well. You can check out the node’s implementation here:

Some words on the implementation:

  • All Go packages have been ported to JS, except the key package
  • The Rosetta API currently supported is 1.4.1 and needs to be updated soon
  • Documentation was only added to several packages. Within the next weeks, documentation will be updated.

Please check out the GitHub Readme, it will give you a small insight of the SDK.

Feel free to ask questions or share your ideas. I appreciate any type of feedback.


:rocket: This is AWESOME @Yoshi!

A JS SDK has been at the top of our “community wish list” for some time. I’m looking forward to checking out the browser-based apps people build with this SDK. Is your team planning to build any additional tools with this SDK (i.e. a client-side block explorer, chrome extension, etc)? Want to make sure community members don’t duplicate their efforts!

Only feedback thus far is to change the name of the repo to be DigiByte-Core/rosetta-sdk-js instead of digibyte-rosetta-nodeapi. This will fit better with the current rosetta-* naming scheme for tooling (also *-nodeapi could confuse some folks as Node API and Wallet API have been replaced by Data API and Construction API).

@patrick.ogrady Thank you Patrick! I hope we can find some contributors for this project because it is hard to keep up with your work speed. :grinning:

We haven’t planned to build anything with it yet. Your idea of building browser-based apps is amazing and I am sure someone will do it in future. :rocket:

I fully agree with you as regards the project name. I just changed the name of the GitHub repo.
The npm repository does already carry an appropriate name from the very beginning.

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