Rosetta-cli reconciliations

while using rosetta-cli check:data --configuration-file ./rosetta-config --end 1000 , I’m getting the following message:

[STATS] Blocks: 1001 (Orphaned: 0) Transactions: 111487 Operations: 222974 Reconciliations: 0 (Inactive: 0)
Check succeeded, however, no reconciliations were performed!

I would like to get those reconciliation checks done, I currently have "reconciliation_disabled": false on my config file, is that correct ?


If you wish to reconcile balances before the rosetta-cli reaches tip (which I am assuming is the case), you must support historical_balance_lookup. Unfortunately, there is no way to reconcile (compare computed balance with the balance returned via the /account/balance endpoint) at early blocks if we can’t fetch the balance at those blocks (we can only get the balance at the current block).

If you wait until the rosetta-cli syncs to tip (when historical_balance_lookup=false), it will automatically begin performing reconciliations when it determines it is possible. If you are curious how it does this, take a look at the reconciler package!

Great, thanks @patrick.ogrady
The flag --end doesn’t work as a “tip”, right ?
The blockchain I’m now using takes about 2s for each /block call, and it has more than 170k blocks, so it’s going to take a while to reach the reconciliations stage :sweat_smile:

No it does not :frowning_face:. We are actively working on adding more sophisticated end conditions (like reaching tip, performing some number of reconciliations, etc.). We are tracking it with an issue in rosetta-cli (hoping to add support within the week).

Have you tried increasing the block_concurrency parameter in your config file? When doing my own testing, I usually ramp this up to 32 or even 64. :rocket:

Great, will try that!