Rosetta-cli for Mac

I’m trying to execute rosetta-cli following this steps (GitHub - coinbase/rosetta-cli: CLI for the Rosetta API) and it is not working, is there any issue or anything to consider with Mac?


Could you provide more context on what’s not working? I’ve just tried following command. It downloads the rosetta-cli and things are working fine.

curl -sSfL | sh -s

Yes, after running that command, I try rosetta-cli check:construction for example and I get -bash: rosetta-cli: command not found

@Alejandro Does it say coinbase/rosetta-cli info installed ./bin/rosetta-cli after you finish downloading? The rosetta-cli binary should be under ./bin/ :thinking:

yes: coinbase/rosetta-cli info installed ./bin/rosetta-cli and I see the binary where it is supposed to be but still same error message

Could you try to run ./bin/rosetta-cli --help? just want to make sure the executable is there

Ok, this works… I’ve been trying from bin directory… thanks!

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