Rosetta-cli construction check doesn't want to start

Hi guys! It seems like the rosetta-cli construction check sometimes just keeps printing “waiting for implementation to reach tip before testing…” and doesn’t want to start. However, restarting the construction check fixes the issue and it can start right away. Is this a error on our side, or a known bug?

Maybe some relevant information:

  • our block interval is quite fast (~10 seconds) with tip_delay=5
  • /network/status endpoint returns the current block, so it should be synced

Many thanks for the help!

Hi @rickm ,

Generally this error comes if the tip is not up to the sync. Seeing that your block interval is quite fast, maybe it is possible that rosetta-cli is not fast enough to check if the node is up to tip. Would it be possible to share the implementation to debug this further?

tip_delay is denoted in seconds, so tip_delay=5 means you consider the node synced if the latest ingested block timestamp is no more than 5 seconds from the current timestamp… which would be near impossible to catch up to if your block times are 10s apart. Maybe increase tip_delay to 15 or 20? But even that is quite aggressive.

Alternatively, you can implement SyncStatus, which supersedes the tipdelay check in check:construction.