Rosetta-CLI check:data 'unable to lookup live balance'


I have added a trigger to run rosetta-cli check:data via Github Actions. Unfortunately, from time to time I receive the following error:

[STATS] Blocks: 1020 (Orphaned: 0) Transactions: 8391 Operations: 52941 Reconciliations: 2187 (Inactive: 660, Coverage: 99.651568%)
Error: context canceled: unable to lookup live balance

Config file is:

  "online_url": "http://localhost:5700",
  "data_directory": "",
  "http_timeout": 20,
  "sync_concurrency": 8,
  "transaction_concurrency": 16,
  "tip_delay": 300,
  "data": {
    "historical_balance_disabled": false,
    "reconciliation_disabled": false,
    "inactive_discrepency_search_disabled": false,
    "balance_tracking_disabled": false,
    "start_index": 10,
    "end_conditions": {
      "index": 1029

Interesting part is that the error does not appear on every execution.

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Would you mind running rosetta-cli version and posting the result here?

I believe this is related to a race condition introduced by the new “end conditions” functionality. We should be catching any context cancelation errors but this one seemed to slip through :cry:.

Would also appreciate it if you opened an issue on for our tracking!

Yes, I am cloning the ‘master’ branch of the repository, because I needed “end conditions” functionality.
Version is 0.4.2


Got it. We will make sure to fix this before putting out the next release.

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This was fixed in the v0.5.0 release of the rosetta-cli! You can download it with the script:

curl -sSfL | sh -s
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