Questions about Multiple Modes

hi, mentioned in document

“Offline environment” in this case means that the deployment will not be able to make any outbound connections over the internet.

But if we use Docker for deployment, it will definitely be connected to the Internet, right? I want to know what conditions need to be met for offline mode, Thank you.

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We plan to run these “offline” Docker containers in an environment that has no connection to the broader internet (i.e. the container won’t be able to connect to any other nodes to get block or account data nor to submit transactions to the mempool).

We explicitly callout this “mode” setting because some implementations may crash or exit if they cannot open a connection with other nodes in the network. By setting “mode” at startup, we can allow an implementation to change its behavior to avoid such crashes or exits.

Does that help?

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very helpful, thank you! But I still have a question. In the deployment script, I will install and start a node, which will transmit data with other nodes (synchronize blocks, broadcast transactions) Will this node be affected by this mode?

I would only start this node in “online” mode using some script you call when you actually start the container (you will likely want to call some different code to start your Construction API implementation in this case anyways). It is ok if you build the node for the container in “offline” mode!

We are planning on sharing a Bitcoin reference implementation soon and that should help clarify any other confusion around this point!

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I should have misunderstood.