Question about 'rosetta-sdk-go' PRs

Hi, we’re implementing BIP-340 Schnorr for rosetta-sdk-go and wanted to confirm the procedure for opening PRs.

Given rosetta-sdk-go relies on the spec repo to generate sig and curve types, it seems we should:

  1. Open a PR in rosetta-specifications
  2. wait for that PR to be merged, released, and pulled into sdk-go, then
  3. open the final PR in rosetta-sdk-go

Is this correct, and is there anything else we should do or consider?


The steps are correct. Before the implementations of PRs, can you draft a Problem & Proposed Solution with the details of Rosetta spec changes then send us to review? For Rosetta spec changes, both Coinbase and community need to review it

This is an example of community review: Deprecate Max_fee and Suggested_fee_multiplier in the ConstructionPreprocessRequest endpoint · Discussion #108 · coinbase/rosetta-specifications · GitHub


Thank you for the reply, @Jingfu

I’m happy to create one as requested; however, there appears to be no way for me to create a new discussion.


Probably you don’t have the access, unfortunately I don’t have the privilege for granting access either and I may check with someone else to see if creating new discussion access can be granted globally. For the time being you can create an issue instead to include the proposal


Will do, @Jingfu

I’ll follow up here once the new issue is posted.

Thanks again.



The issue has been made as requested.

Feel free to let me know if any additional points need to be covered.


Thanks @sl33p , I am gonna review it and also share this to the team and the community, the review process may take some time and I will keep you in the loop here and the proposal issue


I appreciate it, @Jingfu.

I’ll keep an eye out for any updates.

Thanks again, and have a good weekend.

p.s. The `rosetta-sdk-go` implementation is complete and working on our end; our Construction and Data API implementations are almost done and are working successfully with the proposed changes, and we can provide either of these three upon request.
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Hey, @Jingfu :wave:
Hope you’re doing well.

I have a couple of quick questions:

  • How long do proposals typically stay open, and
  • what signals that a proposal is approved or rejected?

You already said the review process can take some time, so I don’t expect an immediate determination but wanted to make sure everything is prepped and ready to go on our end should we be given the go-ahead.

Hey @sl33p Proposal is approved, you can work on the corresponding specs and sdk changes, thanks for proposing this!

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That’s great! Thank you for the help, @Jingfu :pray:
It is very much appreciated!

@Jingfu @shrimalmadhur

Just following up here to avoid taking up space in the CB repos.

Is there an expected timeline for a new release of Rosetta-SDK-Go that would include Rosetta-Specifications v1.4.15?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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Usually we do monthly release, but the timeline can be adjusted according to the priority of the request.

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I can’t discuss anything publicly atm, but yes, this is a blocker.