Question about rosetta-cli bitcoin example

Why there is no coin_change attribute for this operation? According to my understanding, there should be a coin_change attribute, like :

"coin_change": {
   "coin_action": "coin_created",
   "coin_identifier": {
      "identifier": "{{ COIN_IDENTIFIER }}"

Great question @kingstone!

We don’t specify a coin_change attribute in the output operation of this scenario because we won’t know the value of the output CoinIdentifier until after the transaction is constructed. The scenarios provided in configuration files only specify intent and are utilized prior to any construction occurring (they are used to create the operations to pass to /construction/preprocess only).

To reiterate (for clarification), intent is considered to be a subset of what occurs on-chain.

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From the document, verbs are used in more cases to define the operation’s type, like transfer, revert, and payment, etc. What kind of operation do Vin and Vout in the example represent? Vin and Vout don’t look like an operation type. @patrick.ogrady

Sorry for the confusion here @kingstone! These have been updated to be INPUT and OUTPUT in the new configuration file (that supports the new construction API testing suite).

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