New Documents Published to Rosetta API Docs v1.4.10

Hello, community! In an effort to improve documentation and encourage more people to participate in coding with the Rosetta API, we have added new documentation to help better guide users when building a Rosetta implementation.

We have also made changes to the navigation menu accordingly, including renaming some sections and adding new ones.

New Docs

We’ve added the following documents to Rosetta API Documentation version 1.4.10:

Navigation Menu Improvements

We’ve added the following changes to the left menu in Rosetta API Documentation version 1.4.10:

Old Navigation Menu New Navigation Menu
Getting Started Product Overview
Principles Getting Started
Models Rosetta API Spec
Data API Testing
Construction API Best Practices
Indexer API Repositories
Italics - Renamed sections Bold - New sections
Old Section Title New Section Title
Getting Started Product Overview
Models, Data API, Construction API, Indexer API Rosetta API Spec
Expectations Best Practices
Ecosystems Repositories
New Sections Added New Documents Added
Getting Started (new section) How to Write a Configuration File for rosetta-cli Testing
Code Samples for the Rosetta API Configuration File
Testing How to Test your Rosetta API Implementation
How to Write a Rosetta DSL file (*.ros)
How to Disable Complex Checks

We’d Love Your Feedback!

We published these documents with you in mind. We want to ease the process of creating applications with Rosetta API and testing implementations made with Rosetta API configuration files. Let us know what you liked and what we can improve by replying to this post below. Your comments will help us improve our documentation. Thanks!