Negative Balance Block

Hi!! I am facing a problem when using last version of the tool.

There is one transaction I did for sending 10 tokens to another address, it complains that then the sender has negative value, I assume this is because it cannot get the Genesis account balances. Is that true? Doesn’t it check the balance before the transaction? Thanks

I added the account to the interesting accounts too but no success, Command Failed: unable to process blocks: unable to process block: negative balance -10

Found it! It was necessary to fill the bootstrap_balances file.

Glad you were able to figure this out, @jgimeno! Pro tip, if you support Historical Balance Lookup the rosetta-cli will handle this automatically!

For other readers…

If you run rosetta-cli check:data -h it will print out the paragraph:

If your blockchain has a genesis allocation of funds and you set
historical balance disabled to true, you must provide an
absolute path to a JSON file containing initial balances with the
bootstrap balance config. You can look at the examples folder for an example
of what one of these files looks like.


The example file this text is referencing can be found here: