Need help to get /block api

I am facing the problem when I trying to use /block api. I use
“network_identifier”: {
“blockchain”: “Bitcoin”,
“network”: “Testnet3”
“block_identifier”: {
“index”: 97578


However, postman keep showing the following errors:
“code”: 16,
“message”: “Transaction not found”,
“retriable”: false,
“details”: {
“context”: “unable to decompress raw bytes: unable to decode object: failed to decompress: Dictionary mismatch: unable to decode block data for transaction”
I also tried other indexes or add hash in the block_identifier, but the error still exists. Has anyone meet this before?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @fpiao, I believe this issue is what you’ve asked yesterday. I believe the root cause was that data cache was messed up somehow after you restarted the container. We’ve cleared the cache and restarted the container, and the /block api was working afterwards.

Please let me know if you still see this issue or have other questions. Thanks!