Mining/Harvesting on Rosetta node container?

Hi team,

My name is Fernando, I’m new to Rosetta.

Pretty amazing work you have done. The docs, examples, and possibilities this API provides are great!

From what I understand, in order to be compatible, we need to add both a blockchain client/node next to the Rosetta implementation in a Dockerfile/container.

Is it expected for the blockchain client/node running in the container to do any harvesting or mining? Or is the node just for the chain data collection and transaction announcements?


I have been flagged as an advertisement. I’m a legit dev, you can see my GitHub contributions. I started working on a generic Rosetta typescript sdk last week, my goal is to understand Rosetta better and eventually create NEM’s Symbol and NIS1 Rosetta implementations. Note that the code is still in very early stages, not ready to publish.

My question is to know if it’s generally expected for the rosetta docker built-in node to harvest blocks and collect harvesting rewards.


Hello @fboucquez
Welcome to the Rosetta community. Glad you are liking it. I apologize for the advertisement flag. I am not sure why the platform did that. I will fix that.

It’s not expected for the node to do harvesting or mining. As your already mentioned, rosetta implementation can be used for data collection (using data API) and transaction creation and broadcast (using construction API)


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