Lunar - Multichain Rosetta Node API

We’re excited to introduce our beta version of

Lunar is a service that provides a Rosetta-compliant API for developers who want to build on different blockchains, but find running nodes to be too costly or difficult to maintain. Our focus is to simplify the developer experience to build on your blockchain. All testnet calls are completely free.

At the moment we have Cardano and Vechain nodes running, and anticipate adding a handful more. We are committed to building with the Rosetta community and sharing open source tools as we build them out. One of the first things we have made is an open source TypeScript client, with additional clients and tools in the works.

We invite you to check out Lunar and get in touch.

Website -
Github - lunarhq
Twitter - _lunardev
Join our Telegram Community - lunar_dev


THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!! AMAZING WORK @stuart!!! Love the casual, “we also made a TypeScript client too”: