Lack of mempool api on chain


I am a dev from IoTeX chain. Our chain core api doesn’t expose it’s mempool/actionpool status through existing api. So, is it okay to implement all other apis(network, account, block, construction) and leave mempool api absent?


This has been a very common question among developers so far. Thanks for asking it here @Yutong for others to read!

As mentioned in the docs, the mempool methods are highly encouraged and used extensively in some blockchains (ex: Bitcoin and Ethereum). However, many blockchains do not have support for observing the mempool because transactions are often included in a block shortly after broadcast (either because of a higher TPS capacity or less activity).

If the blockchain you are looking to integrate with Rosetta does not support observing the mempool at this time and it is not typical for users to observe the mempool in said blockchain, you can likely delay support for this endpoint until it becomes a common request by users of your implementation. This endpoint is nowhere near as critical as the /block endpoint, for example.