Introducing rosetta-bitcoin: Coinbase’s Bitcoin implementation of the Rosetta API


In June, we launched Rosetta as an open-source specification that makes integrating with blockchains simpler, faster, and more reliable. There are now 20+ blockchain projects working on a Rosetta implementation (Near, Cardano, Celo, Coda, Neo, Tron, Handshake, Oasis, Cosmos, Decred, Filecoin, Ontology, Sia, Zilliqa, Digibyte, Harmony, Kadena, Nervos, and Blockstack), five in-progress SDKs (Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Rust), and eight teams have made contributions to at least one of the Rosetta repositories on GitHub (rosetta-specifications, rosetta-sdk-go, and rosetta-cli).

Today, we are sharing a key contribution to this growing collection of implementations: rosetta-bitcoin.

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