How to get all Transactions associated with an Account

The balance endpoint is great, but is there a way to see a list of transactions associated with an address? Thanks!

Great question, @stuart! In short, there is no Rosetta endpoint for fetching all of an account’s transactions (i.e. /account/transactions) or to fetch a transaction only by its hash (i.e. /transaction). I wrote about the reasoning behind this here:

In the near future, we will likely expand the spec to include “indexer” endpoints that any Rosetta indexing service could implement + provide an example indexer implementation (as this query functionality is generic across any blockchain that implements Rosetta). This would also likely stitch together the responses of multiple Rosetta Modules (like ETH Transfers + ERC-20 Transfers). I’d expect some node implementations may also implement these endpoints if it isn’t too cumbersome (but there will be no expectation that they will).