How to fetch staking and reward data using Rosetta API?

Hey Rosetta users!

As part of my job, I try to retrieve data from blockchain validators such as staking and rewards.

To do this, I use the standard blockchain Rest API if provided but every implementation is different and that’s how I came across Rosetta!

A solution that looks amazing for sending transactions, interacting with contracts, retrieving blocks and transactions, even looking at the mempool, in a nice and standardized way!

But as far as validator data and consensus for each blockchain is concerned, I don’t see any endpoints regarding these things in the documentation: Full Reference · Rosetta.

So after this too long introduction, here is my real question:

Can we retrieve data from validators such as the amount staked and the reward received?

Thanks in advance for any answers or help I might receive from a more advanced Rosetta user!

I haven’t seen any standards for how to represent this in Rosetta’s data model. We’re using special accounts to represent the tokens held in our staking system though:

And staking rewards appear in Rosetta as transfers into those special accounts.