How can get start using API's?

Hi, I am developing a crypto wallet and I want to use both Rosetta APIs, I read the documentation but I get more confused! where should I start? which repo should I build to access the Data API and Construction API?

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Hi @amyrprv , Welcome to the Rosetta community.

Apologize for the confusion caused. We are working on improving our documentation. Stay tuned.
Meanwhile here are some pointers to get you started:

We have rosetta specs which will help you check how the APIs request response should be. You can also check the specs and other guides in the documentation here.

To help you implement it, we have a go sdk which you can import and implement all the endpoints.
Once you implement these endpoints, you can use this guide to consider deployment

Here are some references you can use to see how people implement rosetta for their assets.

Once you run the node, you can use rosetta-cli utility to check your implementation. It will do a basic check against the rosetta specs and will make sure your implementation is correct to a certain extent.

Hope that helps and let me know if there are any questions