Explain `Orphaned` number in stats log

Can anyone help to explain the Orphaned number in the stats log ?

[STATS] Blocks: 5 (Orphaned: 5) Transactions: 30 Operations: 60
[STATS] Blocks: 11 (Orphaned: 11) Transactions: 66 Operations: 132
[STATS] Blocks: 17 (Orphaned: 17) Transactions: 102 Operations: 204
[STATS] Blocks: 23 (Orphaned: 23) Transactions: 138 Operations: 276
[STATS] Blocks: 29 (Orphaned: 29) Transactions: 174 Operations: 348
[STATS] Blocks: 35 (Orphaned: 35) Transactions: 210 Operations: 420

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @nguyennguyen!

Could you share an example block response here to help debug?

In general, Orphaned is the count of blocks that have been re-orged out of the canonical chain during syncing. If the blocks your return in /block are not connected (meaning that the parent_block_identifier does not link to the block_identifier of a previous block), the syncer will attempt to perform a re-org to find a common ancestor.

My guess is that either your block_identifier or parent_block_identifier is set incorrectly in your /block response.

Thank @patrick.ogrady for your response. Invalid blockhash issue from my side caused this one. Let me try to fix it

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