Error on construction tests "unable to delete block: cannot remove oldest index"

I’m writing tests for an account-based blockchain (LTO Network). I used the tests for Ethereum as starting point.

I’m assuming that I need to manually send tokens to the created address to bootstrap the process, so the test moves beyond the “request_funds” step.

Unfortunately, when a new block is generated, the test dies on an error.

Error: unable to process blocks: unable to process block: unable to delete block: cannot remove oldest index: unable to remove block from storage voEoyw7btFNFiWYpqc3gABdBoHCnU9rChi3XAY2FHcU1yNzGR2f76djHzScdgWtQUer3fk59Ewoue96geCZ3n8n:1238875: unable to sync to 1238876

What does this mean and how can I solve it?

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