ElectraProtocol Rosetta Implementation

Hello Rosetta Community!

The development for the ElectraProtocol implementation of the Rosetta Data and Construction APIs has been completed. The public repository can be found at GitHub - ElectraProtocol/rosetta-electraprotocol: ElectraProtocol implementation of the Coinbase Rosetta API

What is ElectraProtocol?

Electra Protocol has been developed with invaluable features in mind to allow merchants, customers, and casual users to incorporate Electra Protocol’s global payment system into their everyday lives. Since its inception, the Electra Protocol team has kept its users at the forefront of project decisions throughout the development process, intending to transform how the world views payments through cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.


We are proud of you team. All the efforts goes to developers & specially you @ruruelectra . In a short span of time wonderfull work :pray: $XEP @ElectraProtocol