DigiByte Rosetta Node (Go)

Hello rosetta community,

A working rosetta node for DigiByte is just finished https://github.com/tehG30RG3/rosetta-digibyte.git.

This time the implementation is in go (thanks to the reference implementation provided by Coinbase that made this possible. By the way, I am impressed of the code quality).

The node was tested together with a friend and works very well.

Please also check out this commit: https://github.com/tehG30RG3/rosetta-digibyte/commit/469cad6f7ab9d2c9a5e7e57a008e01dfe62f6f8d

It adds a name to the docker container. I thought this is useful.

Other coins can also profit from my work, because I showed how to add custom btcd chainparameters.

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Appreciate the compliment! If you see any ways to improve, definitely an open issue!

Ooooo very cool! Did you think of a way to do this generically? Would love to add support for doing this easily with a single config file somewhere in rosetta-bitcoin.