Current block over a year old

Hello all, we’re working on getting a Rosetta BTC Testnet Node up and running.
The issue we’re running into is, every time we hit the /network/status endpoint, it returns a block over a year old…

      current_block_identifier: {
        hash: '0000000000003ef37cacaf9dc622afead7a41e2603b5a526d87853d546ed9b44',
        index: 1539998

Any recommendations on how to resolve this? Thanks!

:wave: @stuart

rosetta-bitcoin will return the “last synced block” when it is catching up to the rest of the network (you will see a ton of DEBUG indexer indexer/indexer.go:340 block added when this is going on).

Did it stall at this height or does it continue to increase quickly as you hit the endpoint (based on when you asked this question, you may now be at tip)?

Hey @patrick.ogrady thanks for the response.
Every time we hit the endpoint it returned the same height.

Ah interesting… Would you mind sharing your logs so I can look for anything fishy? We’ve been running this node in our infra for a while now and haven’t encountered anything like this. Only other thing I could think of is that bitcoind syncing stalled but that seems unlikely…

We wiped the instance and restarted the node, seems to be working now. If it occurs again, will make sure to share the logs :+1:

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I’m working on a “warp speed” sync mode for rosetta-bitcoin. Should significantly speed up the indexer!

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Just released!

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