CLI check issue for multi-token chain

Hi, we have some problems while using check:construction, in requestFunds phrase, construction automation api testing can’t catch the ontology transaction for both ONT and ONG .

The steps to reproduce :

  1. Setup the configuration json file based on the ethereum configuration and default configuration setting.

  2. Run the construction automation testing against Ontology Rosetta Implementation

  3. After the requestFunds message is shown in console, send both ONT and ONG to this address which was generated by construction api automation testing

  4. This new generated address’s balance is not increased as expected after syncing many blocks. The synced block height is already way higher than the height of the transaction committed.

We can’t continue the testing right now. And we looked the latest github issues,

It looks like it is same as what we faced.

So we want to confirm with you:

  1. Is it the same as ?
  2. Is there any configuration issue in the attached configuration.json file we used for testing?
  3. If they are same issue,It would be very nice to let us know your plan on multi-currency support enhancement.

Hey @Jasonzhou, sorry for the inconvenience here!

It is a known issue that rosetta-cli automated Construction API testing does not work with multi-currency transactions. Not to worry, however, will fix this (hoping to release in the next week or so)!

I believe you should still be able to test ONG transfers (as this only requires one token type)?

There is a longer discussion around this improvement, if you are interested in chiming in!