Can i implement /derive endpoint API in this case?

hello. I would like to ask one question about the derive API of construction.

Is it correct that the construction/derive API is used before creating an operation to send a transaction?

If the blockchain platform provides the ability to break the tight coupling of private-public-address, does it make sense to provide this API?
For example, if you have an account with a default (private A - public A - address A) binding, you can update it to (private B - public B - address A) if you want to use a different private key from the account with address A.
In this case, i wanna ask if it is better to provide the derive API as it is.

If the derive API is not provided, can users normally use the construction API?

Thank you for your reply in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @jimni1222 , Welcome to the community.

The /derive endpoint is basically used for address derivation via the public key. If that is not needed and if you have the address then you just proceed on your client without calling that endpoint and in that case your rosetta server doesn’t need to implement that.

Thank you for reply!