Brand assets and style guide

Do you have plans to push brand assets and a style guide to the Github repo for implementations to apply?

Hi @rhysbw,

For now, we are encouraging teams that complete implementations to post their work in #ecosystem for others to use (this also includes any tools they developed along the way like SDKs in other languages).

After releasing the Wallet API, our focus will shift to ecosystem building initiatives and we look forward to collaborating with the community on programs that can highlight the work they’ve done.

If you have specific recommendations or programs you’d like to see, please share them here!

Thanks for the info @patrick.ogrady. My question actually relates to using the Rosetta logo in an implementation README. Could you publish some files? A brief style guide is only needed if your visual designers have feelings about how it’s presented.

Ahhhh … yeah I totally misunderstood your question @rhysbw :flushed:

We are working on a style guide now and plan to release something next week. This will include things like logos, naming suggestions, and recommendations for how to structure the README itself (suggested walkthroughs, etc.).

I’ll reply to this thread with a link to those things (likely to be included on the docs site).

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