/block : tip should be returned if block_identifier is not specified

When I’m running rosetta-cli check:spec against my Rosetta node, I get a failure on /block with the message as in the title of this thread. I believe this error contradicts the Rosetta specification, which says that block_identifier request field is mandatory for /block endpoint. block_identifier can be an mepty object, in which case my implementation does indeed return the tip of the chain. However, when block_identifier is absent entirely, the request fails, which I believe is conformant with the specification. Why does rosetta-cli complain then? Has it gone out of sync with the specification? Can I see the details of thr request being made somehow? Thanks in advance for your help!


This is an issue in rosetta-cli check:spec and it has been fixed by this PR, you can try the latest rosetta-cli once the new rosetta-sdk-go and resetta-cli releases are created, that should work for you. For the time being you can ignore this error until we have the new releases.


Even after the latest release, I am still facing this issue while running check:spec. The error is same as the title of the thread. Thank in advance for the help!

Update: With the release on 19th Jan, 2023, The issue is resolved.