Backwards compatiblity?

I noticed that from 1.4.5 to 1.4.8 the coins where removed from the /account/balance call and put in the new /account/coins.

This mean that any clients that were expecting those coins on /account/balance now have to be changed for the new behavior.

Is there a plan for backwards compatibility? My guess based on these changes is we need to be aware of what versions our clients intend to use and support those rather than always just following the latest api version.

We’ve been working very hard to avoid introducing any backwards incompatibilities in v1.x but were getting a lot of complaints from asset issuers that requiring Coins to be included in /account/balance caused unavoidable performance issues for clients wishing just to check balance (especially with frequently used accounts) and limited the use of Coins because /account/balance could only return “finalized” Coins.

We felt these complaints were strong enough that it made sense to make an exemption in this case but don’t plan on doing so in the future. We didn’t think AccountBalanceResponse.Coins was being used too extensively yet and felt we needed to make the change now if we were going to do it within the next year.

In the future, we very much want to avoid requiring clients to care about version to ensure their integration doesn’t break (naturally this would make our life at Coinbase super annoying). Future versions should offer new functionality or other paths for getting the same data (without removing the old paths) but not do full URL path rewrites like this :grimacing: .

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused, @fireduck!