[ANN] Rosetta Inspector open source tool

We’ve released a tool to visually inspect a Rosetta implementation in a web browser.

To use the Inspector, just get a Rosetta implementation running locally and run a command to point the Inspector at it. Then you can click through the implementation in a web browser.

Let us know if you have any feature ideas or improvements - thanks!

Looks like you can’t embed screenshots, so here are a couple links:

This tool is AWESOME and has become an indispensable part of my Rosetta dev kit!!! I think this might be the best showcase of the promise of Rosetta. TL;DR hook up a block explorer to any Rosetta implementation without ANY additional code :rocket: :rocket: :


Possible Improvements :pray:

  • It would be great if rosetta-inspector fetched/displayed BlockResponse.OtherTransactions. If you use the fetcher package here instead of client, this will be handled for you automagically (with retries)! Here is an example of using the fetcher in this way:
  • When looking at Bitcoin responses, I noticed that there was no way to view CoinChange information or Operation.Metadata. It would be great if there was a way to view this with a dropdown or something?
  • You should be able to add some search + account transaction functionality if you add support for the newly released indexer endpoints. This would allow anyone to use this tool with publicly-accessible Rosetta Indexers:
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