Aeternity compilation hyperlink deployment is the beginning of a rebirth

How can I know if the project party is doing something? In addition to paying attention to the community of the project party and paying attention to the market heat, everyone should look at some data. From the perspective of updating the code, look at whether the project party is an air project and see if it fits the team’s work. . GitHub is a global code base. The update frequency of a project’s code also proves the progress of the project to a certain extent. If the code is not updated, or the project is perfect to the extent that no code update is required, or This project is purely an air project. Market value management, the customary method of cutting leeks that drove a large number of retail investors to enter the market is gone forever. The inherent requirement of the blockchain world is openness and transparency. Open source is the obligation of the project party, and they must open source. 2 websites can check Github updates for most projects. If there is no project progress or code update for a project, I would advise you to leave. A good blockchain project is a long-term project construction and will not rush to short-term scams!